Envision Family

Envision Community brings together a unique group of organizations from across our community including homeless advocacy groups, housing providers, supportive service agencies, health experts, academic institutions, faith communities, and other groups interested in making Envision Community a reality.

Envision Leaders

Our leaders not only reflect the community with whom we work, but are members of that community. All Envision Leaders have personally experienced homelessness, and like so many in the homeless community, they have faced barriers to housing in countless forms including criminal records, evictions histories, poor credit, and struggles with mental health and addiction. These individuals are driven to serve as leaders of Envision Community because they know their work will help others in their community.

Freddy Toran

Freddy Toran

Junail Anderson

Junail Anderson

Rome Darring

Rome Darring

Sherry Shannon

Sherry Shannon

Board of Directors

Envision recently received support to establish the corporate structure under Tasks Unlimited and a separate board of directors. This work is on-going, and the information will be updated once a board is appointed.

Architecture and Development Group

Tom Fisher

Director, Minnesota Design Center

Jacob Mans

Decentralized Design Lab

Geoffrey C. Warner

AIA, Alchemy Architects, Principal Architect

Tommy Schaperkotter

Decentralized Design Lab

Chris Wilson

Development Consultant

Fundraising Advisory Board

The funding advisory board guides the strategy and engagement of funders helping the Envision Leaders and Fundraising Team from Amplify DMC achieve Envision’s fundraising goals.

Andriana Abariotes

Liz Hewitt

Director of Annual Giving, DeLaSalle High School

Jon Cole

Joanne Kosciolek

Courtney Cushing Kiernat

Executive Director, Peris Project, Graves Foundation

Kyrra Rankine

Director of Partnerships and Initiatives, Graves Foundation

Tom Fisher

Director, Minnesota Design Center

Lauren Withers

Keystone Program Manager, Tradition Bank

Dana Hays

Development Director, Tasks Unlimited

Fundraising Team

Consultants from AmplifyDMC make up the fundraising staff for Envision Communities.

Stephen Devereux

Amy Sinykin

Benj Vardigan

Research Team

Assists the Envision Leaders and serve as co-investigators on research studies. This group focuses on the intersection of housing, social-connection, and health.

Jon Aga

Stuart Grande

PhD, University of Minnesota School of Public Health

Austin Watanabe

Alchemy Architects

Andrea Brown

Human Centered Designer

Blair Harrison

Minnesota Department of Health

William Walsh

MD, Hennepin Healthcare and Minnesota Design Center

Mageen Caines

Minneapolis Health Department

Lawrence (Ripley) Smith

PhD, Bethel University

Michelle DeVaughn

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church

Ashley Thorfinnson

Human Centered Designer

Tom Fisher

Director, Minnesota Design Center

Geoffrey C. Warner

AIA, Alchemy Architects

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Donor Family

We thank the organizations who generously supported the development of Envision Community:

  • Bush Foundation
  • Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota
  • Cross of Hope Lutheran Church
  • Dayton Hudson Endowment at the Minnesota Design Center
  • Family Housing Fund
  • Graves Foundation
  • Head Count Lizzo Campaign
  • Headwaters Foundation for Justice
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
  • McKnight Foundation through a grant to the Minnesota Design Center
  • Pohlad Family Foundation
  • St. Odilia Social Justice Committee
  • United Health Foundation through a grant to Hennepin Healthcare

We also thank the individuals who financially supported Envision:

  • Julia Dayton
  • Gretchen Musicant
  • Jamie and Bill Walsh
  • William Walsh Sr. in memory of Mary Cecilia Walsh
  • Dori Wholey in memory of Doug Wholey

We thank the suppliers who generously donated materials to our prototype unit: