Envision a place where all people have what they need to live their healthiest lives.

Where housing instability is addressed by empowering and elevating potential residents as designers, problem solvers and decisionmakers.

What are the core elements of Envision?

Designed & Led by Residents

Created by individuals experiencing housing instability.

Intentional Community

Building an accepting and supportive community.

Micro Homes & Shared Spaces

Affordable, sustainable, and scalable.

Learning & Continuous Improvement

Plans to study and improve our work.

Who will live there?

We house a diverse community from across the housing stability spectrum to foster learning, dignity, and stability. We know that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Envision Community is for people who are interested in living small and living in the community.


chronically homeless with complex health conditions


have experienced housing instability (but have straightforward health needs)


have never experienced housing instability

Our Proposal

Envision Community is a proposal to build and operate a 2-year live demonstration of an intentional community made up of 15-30 people living in micro-homes, with the goal of creating health equity. Our proposal also includes the rigorous study of Envision using Community Based Participatory Research and continuous improvement of Envision through frequent iteration.

Who is part of the Envision Community Collaborative?