Frequently Asked Questions

What has been our approach to creating Envision Community?

Traditional affordable housing projects start with the building design and work backwards to raise the money. We flipped that model by starting with the dollars that are sustainably available and then designed at that price point.

We apply a human-centered design process at every step to ensure the housing and community are co-created with the people who will be most impacted by Envision.

Where will this be built?

We do not have a site identified. Local political and community support is essential to achieving this vision. We are working with community leaders to identify places where we could run a live demonstration of Envision.

Who is going to live there?

We know that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Envision Community is for people who are interested in living small and value living in community. We house a diverse community from across the housing stability spectrum to foster learning, dignity, and stability. The resident breakdown will be:

  • 20% chronically homeless highest utilizers of health care
  • 20% people who have never experienced homelessness and choose to live in community
  • 60% people experiencing homelessness (may not be high health care utilizers)

How can I help?

We are seeking partners with insight into the political, community, and financial opportunities for Envision to join us in designing and implementing a two year.