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We welcome the opportunity to work with news media and digital partners to raise awareness about Envision Community.

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Envision Resources

Project Brief

Summary document about the project. View here

History of Envision Community

Learn about Envision’s Journey. View here

Introduction to Envision Community

An introduction to the Envision Community concept describing the research and insights that inspired our initial proposal. View here


Introduces intentional community and how Envision will operate. View here

Shared Values

Read about the values that represent the character of Envision. View here

Setting the Price-Point for Housing

Much has changed since creating this document including eligible sources of funding but this document describes the financial modeling that set the price point for Envision’s housing. View here

Unit Design

The most up-to-date unit plans. Our architects modified the previous design to help residents social distance. Each resident now has their own toilet and shower. The common hallway between units in the previous design was removed.View here

Zoning Staff Report

Report describing the zoning code text amendment approved by the City Council that allows Envision Community in Minneapolis. View here


Please note this document has not been updated to account for the additional costs associated with building the COVID redesigned units. View here

Measuring the Impact of Envision Community

Our rough draft plan to measure the success of Envision Community. View here

Proposal for Longitudinal Program Evaluation of Envision Community

Details the Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) component of Envision’s program evaluation. View here

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